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MP Videos is a Greater Louisville video production company that focuses on consumer and small organization videos. That means we do videos for weddings, non-profits, small businesses and families. Here we post samples of our work, musings about our work, and the fun and interesting people we meet along the way!


YouTube’s Popularity.

I was doing a little beginner’s SEO work — and out of curiosity I asked Google Analytics about Metro Louisville’s interest in YouTube. Unfortunately I can’t seem to reproduce the graph it generated.

BUT the data table is:   January 2006, zero searches. Then it looks like a stock market graph, through Dec. 2011, maxed out. (Google normalizes the data to 100.) Then it dropped off slightly in January, peaked at 92 in February, and is currently at 43 for March 2012.
I asked Google Analytics another question, about “family video,” and learned  that it was a hot search….in Seymour, Ind. Not so much in Louisville or other metro towns.
Go figure.

Add a sales team to the Web

What if prospects looking for your services found you — and had the added benefit of immediately hearing from happy customers about your features and benefits?

That’s possible if you include video testimonials with your website. Using real customers talking about their positive experiences with your company is much more credible than using text testimonials — or worse, testimonials with initials or vague “satisfied customer.” I  immediately think that’s business owner talking when I see those quotes — and I don’t believe them.

But watch this video we did for Unified Technologies. If you were a company with multiple US locations, you would give some weight to this CEO’s happiness with his experience with Unified and the telephone system it installed for his company.

People research and shop online. Video testimonials allow them to see what you do, believe more in the benefits you offer, and understand better the value of choosing your company or organization.

We can do this for you, at very reasonable rates. You’d be surprised at how affordable a video testimonial can be. Start building your online sales team by contacting MP Videos today!

How To: Cut your cake with finesse!


Most couples don’t think about how they’re going to cut their cake. Prepping for cake cutting seems like a no-brainer, but when you arrive at the table with a zillion cameras aimed at you, you realize: HOW EXACTLY SHOULD WE DO THIS?

Here’s some advice: Get a plate, napkins and ideally two forks.  Peel back any ribbon or band of bling from the bottom layer. The groom takes the knife in his hand, and the bride, with the prettier new rings, puts her hand on top.  Make two cuts about an inch apart, top to bottom of the layer.  Then cut  crossways back by where the next layer starts. The bride’s job is to take the serving piece and plop the cake onto the plate, then cut little tasting pieces. You then pop the cake piece into your loved one’s mouth while those zillion cameras flash away.

If you are worried about your better half smearing cake on your face,  go with forks. Forks reduce the impulse to release tension with a smear — and help avoid questions about someone’s possible latent hostility. (Just sayin’!)

How to Wobble!

Watch this dance club show you how to Wobble!


We now accept credit cards!

MP Videos now accepts credit cards! We can process Visa, Mastercard and Discover! Contact Cindy for more info!!

Heading to Special Occasions today!

MP Videos has a booth at the Special Occasions Wedding Show today. It’s from 11-4
at the Ramada Plaza, 9700 Bluegrass Parkway. Stop by and say hello!

It’s Wedding Show Season!

I enjoyed my night exhibiting at the Downtown Wedding Show! Got to meet lots of brides (and a few grooms) who were cruising the show for ideas. Also heard the food samples were great! (At least they smelled good.) Two more shows ahead…!

Does this commercial work?

You may have heard about the two guys traveling the country taking nominations for free TV commercials. Their site ilovelocalcommercials.com and their work is underwritten by a company called Microbilt, a data provider in the credit/debt collection/background screening arena.
In March 2010, they did a commercial for Corydon’s Butt Drugs. You can watch it here.
While I laughed at parts of it (“Free Parking in the Rear”) I’m not sure this commercial actually works. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, then I’ll share mine.

Why you shouldn’t skip the video – 2

I was cruising TheKnot.com and ran across a Knottie asking whether she should get a wedding video. This discussion has taken place before, and generally, the Louisville Knot brides seem to not hire videographers (based on their vendor reviews.) I of course strongly believe this is a mistake.

Today I was pleased to see so many replies where other Louisville brides uniformly said they “regretted” not having a video as a keepsake. The day IS a blur and also, don’t you want to see & hear you & yours in action when you get married?

Today also I ran into the Mother of the Bride from a February wedding. She said she had watched her daughter’s video “at least 10 times” and has heard from the Mother of the Groom that she wants copies too. I am glad to hear because this was a wedding put together in a rush because the Groom, a Marine, has orders to deploy. I must confess that as watched the groom’s mom dance with her son during the reception, I choked up a little as I saw her cling tightly to her Marine son with one stripe on his sleeve.

But the best comment – and strongest argument for a video – was this admission from Mother of the Bride: “You know that guy who started dancing all by himself? I am sitting right there in the video, and I don’t remember him doing that. Not one bit. And there I am, right there! I can’t believe I don’t remember him doing that!” The fellow she’s referring to did a very fine solo routine to Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It).’ It was one of those impromptu moments on the dance floor – and certainly better appreciated in motion than as a photo!